Poetry Competition Winners


I suppose I’ll never know

Look at her over there, wearing ten-foot high heels!
Why would you walk around like that?
You'll probably fall onto your face, flat!
I suppose I'll never know…

Look at him over there, eating a huge Kit Kat!
Why would you eat food like that,
in case you don't know - it makes you fat!
I suppose I'll never know…

Look at her over there, carrying a purse made of fur!
Why would you carry a purse like that,
made from the fur of a horrible rat.
I suppose I'll never know…

Look at him over th-wait...
Look at me over here, criticising people who can't actually hear.
How nasty of me to hate someone's look when really, their life could really suck!
I’m really sorry for being so mean but don't listen to me I'm a stupid teen.

Chloe Frederick, aged 11
Queens Park Primary School, St Helens, Merseyside

Seven things I want to do before I die.

Meet Darth Vader, maybe the First Order?
Have some McDonalds, with Han Solo.
Get Super powers, which have UNLIMITED POWER!
Meet Santa, and then get a free Xbox One…
High Five King Henry VIII, then revive all his wives.
Own a giant Turtle, riding on its back.
Lie down on the world's Largest Dog - Ooo so cuddly!
Jake Bamber, aged 10
Eaves Primary School, St Helens.

Sometimes I feel petrified
as petrified as a spiky hedgehog dazzled by the bright lights of oncoming traffic. Sometimes...

Sometimes I feel lost,
as lost as a Haribo ring surrounded by dozens of cola bottles.

Sometimes I feel delighted,
as delighted as a child receiving a late gift in the post.

Sometimes I feel lucky,
as lucky as a boy who has just discovered a twenty-pound note in a rusty old drain.

Sometimes I feel mad,
as mad as a raging bull wound up by a Spanish Torero.

Sometimes I feel lonely,
as lonely as an elderly couple sitting in a care home.

But most of the time I feel HAPPY !

Sebastian Barker, aged 10
Trent Young's Endowed School, Sherborne, Dorset


Sometimes I feel scared...
as scared as a timid young mouse scuttling across woodworm ridden floorboards seeking refuge.

Sometimes I feel desperate...
as desperate as a winding river, day by day getting emptier, longing for clean, pure rain.

Sometimes I feel annoyed...
as annoyed as an unheard and brushed off child, pleading and willing for someone to listen.

Sometimes I feel brave...
as brave as general leading his people into battle and tasting victory whilst the enemy lie conquered.

Sometimes I feel lonely...
as lonely as a bus driver steering at night, no passengers, just an eerily lit empty ghost street.

But most of the time, I feel HAPPY

Connie, aged 11
Trent Young's endowed school, Sherborne, Dorset UK


There is nothing worse than ...

Finding your book all ripped up.
Cleaning up after a naughty pup.

Having cold and wet, sandy feet.
Being terribly ill and unable to eat

Having a friend drive you round the bend.
Wearing something that’s out of trend!

Having a teacher who's mean and cruel.
 Losing a book that’s owned by the school.

Forgetting your lines in a theatre play.
Walking to school and forgetting the way!

Being woken up at the stroke of midnight.
Having an annoying sibling give you a fright.

Failing a test when you’re doing your best.
Failing to complete a really hard quest.

But there is nothing worse than HATRED…
Maddie Shilling, aged 10
Trent Young’s Endowed School, Sherborne, Dorset UK

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